Dr.-Ing. Thomas Echterhof, academic director

Address: RWTH Aachen University
Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering
Kopernikusstr. 10
52074 Aachen
Phone: +49 (0) 241-80 25958
E-Mail: echterhof@iob.rwth-aachen.de
Room: 01-223

Group Manager Energy and Mass Balances


The main research interests of Thomas Echterhof include the optimisation of energy and resource efficiency and decarbonization of energy and resource intensive processes like the EAF steelmaking. Thomas was project manager in charge of the RWTH contribution to seven EU RFCS projects related to EAF steelmaking and was coordinator in four of them. He was also responsible for several national funded research projects. Thomas has authored or co-authored more than 70 journal and conference papers as well as numerous industrial project reports, poster and conference presentations. In 2015 he established the European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking – EASES and organized it regularly since then.

Fields of activity

  • Resource and energy efficiency of secondary steelmaking in the electric arc furnace
  • Process modelling and simulation of the electric arc furnace processes
  • Decarbonization of EAF steelmaking and downstream processes by biomass and hydrogen application
  • Process analysis and optimization of high temperature processes
  • Investigation of the nitrogen oxide emissions of electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces
  • Energy balances of industrial furnaces



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