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Research groups at the departement

The core areas of research at the department arise from the three research groups:

The research group „High Temperature Flows in Metallurgical Melts“ works on current topics of the physical and numerical simulation of high temperature flows.

Within the research group „Industrial Furnaces Technology“ the research areas fluid mechanics/mechanics, combustion and radiant tubes are covered. The emphasis in this field is on research and development with a practical orientation and with the support of experimental and numerical methods.

Apart from the preparation of „Energy and Mass Balances“, especially for the process of electric steelmaking, the research group of the same name is active in the fields of process optimisation, environmental technologies and process modeling. Empirical and analytical modeling as well as numerical simulations are used.

You can also find additional information on the services offered by our department as well as on our equipement.

The list of the departments publications will give you an additional impression on the topics covered in research.