Electric Arc Furnace Technology

Course during the winter semester in German language.

The present dates for the lecture and exercise should be visible in RWTHonline, or rather the learning platform RWTHmoodle.


Introduction (History and significance of electric steel production), Electrical fundamentals (AC/DC arc furnace), Plant engineering (steel mill layout, furnace lining, mechanical equipment, furnaces and peripheral equipment, electrical equipment, exhaust gas cleaning, heat recovery, trends/furnace concepts), Lining (refractory, water-cooled components), Energy and input materials (electrical energy, fuels, scrap, DRI, etc. alloys, slag formers), Process engineering (metallurgy in electric arc furnaces, secondary metallurgy, energy and material balances), Automation and process control (process models, production planning), Environmental aspects (by-products and residual materials, CO2 emissions), Economic aspects


The script is available as a download in the RWTHmoodle for all students, who registered for the course. In addition to this, it is acquirable as a printed version at the secretary’s office of the department.