Modelling of slab heating in walking beam furnace with skidmarks

This rehea­ting model depicts the rehea­ting of steel slabs in a wal­king beam fur­nace with all pro­cess-rela­ted cha­rac­te­ristics. Only a few sim­pli­fi­ca­ti­ons were made (e.g. assump­ti­on of sym­me­try) and in par­ti­cu­lar phe­no­me­na such as gas radia­ti­on and tem­pe­ra­tu­re-depen­dent mate­ri­al data were taken into account.

With this model, influen­ces by the emis­si­on coef­fi­ci­ents of the fur­nace inner wall (impu­ri­ty influence), the slab sur­face (oxi­da­ti­on influence) and the alloy com­po­si­ti­on could be map­ped in para­me­ter studies.

Fur­ther­mo­re, the heat dis­si­pa­ti­on was map­ped by the wal­king beam trans­port sys­tem of the fur­nace. This leads to a tem­pe­ra­tu­re inho­mo­gen­ei­ty both on the under­si­de and in the core of the slab, which can lead to pro­blems in the sub­se­quent forming pro­cess (see pictures).