Block heating model

For the impro­ve­ment of pro­duc­tion plan­ning in a block hea­ting line, a cross-model simu­la­ti­on approach of a block hea­ting line was deve­lo­ped. For this pur­po­se, CFD cal­cu­la­ti­ons were car­ri­ed out for dif­fe­rent ope­ra­ting con­di­ti­ons of pit fur­nace and rota­ry pla­te fur­nace. The rele­vant result varia­bles can be impor­ted as boun­da­ry con­di­ti­ons into a 3D heat con­duc­tion model, in which a fast cal­cu­la­ti­on of the rehea­ting takes place, and inter­po­la­ted if neces­sa­ry. From the heat con­duc­tion model, which can be con­trol­led via a simp­le pro­gram inter­face, the block hea­ting is cal­cu­la­ted over time, so that it can be used to opti­mi­ze pro­cess times depen­ding on fur­nace mode and mate­ri­al used.