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The Open Innovation Research Cluster AMAP was formed from a group of industrial companies and university institutes of the RWTH Aachen University in the field of materials engineering of non-ferrous metals and their production and processing. AMAP stands for “Advanced Metals And Processes” and concentrates on the field of non-ferrous metals, initially in particular aluminium-based metals. Open Innovation pursues an R&D and innovation strategy in which participating university institutes of RWTH Aachen University and industrial partners contribute their technologies and products. The generation of new ideas and the bundling of complex knowledge of both the RWTH institutes and the industrial research partners in project work are the essential foundations of this win-win partnership. Profitable development work and a better risk distribution for all partners involved in the research cluster are further advantages that go hand in hand with this cooperation.

Within the framework of the AMAP cluster, nine projects with different focal points were developed in the first three years:

  • P1: Modelling of components made of rolled and annealed aluminum sheets with particular properties for the automotive industry
  • P2: Microstructure Modelling in Forming Processes
  • P4: Melt Cleanliness
  • P5: Sustainable Recycling Concept: Efficient Melting
  • P6: Hot Distortion of Sand Cores during Casting
  • P7: Ultra High Strength Aluminium Alloys for the Automotive Large-Scale Production
  • P8: “INTERaCT” – Intergranular Corrosion Testing of 6xxx‐Aluminum Alloys
  • P9: Prediction of Final Properties
  • P10: Design and Process Development of hollow structural HPDC Components (high Pressure Die Cast)

The Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) is involved in project 5 with the modelling of the furnace process.