Gas analytics

The IOB has a range of instruments and systems for the determination of process gas, protective gas and exhaust gas compositions.

Portable exhaust gas analyzer
The IOB uses a testo 350-XL as a portable exhaust gas analyzer, especially for short-term exhaust gas measurements. The instrument can be used to determine the O2, CO, CO2, NO and NO2 content of the exhaust gas as well as the exhaust gas temperature directly using a Type K thermocouple integrated into the measuring lance. In addition, the volume flow of the exhaust gas can be determined by a differential pressure measurement when an appropriate measuring probe is connected.

Mobile gas analysis systems
For long-term measurements, the IOB has several mobile gas analysis systems, each consisting of a gas preparation unit and the actual analysis unit. Gas analysis equipment from Rosemount Analytical is used in the systems. The systems are designed both for the measurement of combustion gases and for the measurement of process gases. Accordingly, the main components of combustion gases O2, CO, CO2, CH4 and H2 can be measured in the percentage or ppm range depending on the system. The existing analyzers for NO/NOx, NO2 and SO2 measure in the ppm range.

FTIR gas spectrometer
In contrast to the other gas analysis instruments used at the IOB, which can only individually determine the concentration of one species, the MultiGas gas analysis instrument from MKS Instruments based on FTIR gas spectrometry offers the advantage of being able to determine several gas species simultaneously by evaluating the measured absorption spectrum.

Dew point mirror for trace humidity measurements

Dew point mirrors
The IOB has a dew point mirror measuring instrument for determining the trace moisture content of, for example, protective gases. The device type S4000 RS of Michell Instruments is able to determine the gas humidity in a measuring range from -80 to +20°C dew point with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°C dew point.

Thermo-FID PT
The portable flame ionization detector (FID) of the IOB for the detection of hydrocarbons (organic carbon) has a measuring range of 0 – 1…500.000 mg org. C/m³ with a detection limit of < 0.1 mg org. C/m³.