History of the department

April 1957 Foundation of the Chair for Research on Industrial Furnaces, Professor H. Schiedeßen
1960 Foundation of the Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering in Metallurgy
1967 Lectureship in Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering in Metallurgy
1971 Lectureship in Energy and Mass Transport
1971 Retirement of Professor H. Schwiedeßen
1971-1976 Professor G. Woelk as acting professor succeeds to Professor H. Schwiedeßen
1976-1997 Professor G. Woelk secceeded by Professor Dr.-Ing. Herbert Wilhelmi
1996 Renaming of the professorship to High-Temperature Engineering
03/1997-03/1998 Professor Köhne as new acting professor
04/1998 Professor Köhne succeeds to Professor Dr.-Ing. Herbert Pfeifer
2004 Groundbreaking for the building of the IOB’s new technical centre
2007 50th anniversary
2009 – 2010 New construction of the Institutes building in the Kopernikusstr. 10 with an additional technical centre