Simplified process modeling for technical processes

In addition to the computationally complex CFD or FEM simulation methods, it is often necessary or useful to depict technical processes through simplified process modeling. Typical application areas of simplified process models would be for example:

  • Fast simulation models for the operational planning of certain plants or processes
  • Calculation of boundary conditions for material property models for quality assurance
  • Optimization of control parameters
  • Models for online controllers

In general, there are several modeling approaches from which can be selected depending on the requirements of the process model. Typical modelling approaches are the use of physical equations as well as methods of artificial intelligence or regression techniques and mixtures of both.

A more recent approach is the so-called Reducing Order Methods, in which a developed 3D model is reduced to a simplified model with the help of mathematical and computation-intensive methods. These methods are part of current research and will become increasingly important in the near future.

In addition, there are various possibilities to prepare results of CFD simulations and to use them in simplified models as boundary condition parameters. However, this is only possible for a small number of varying parameters in CFD simulation.


The following is a brief overview of various types and applications of process models: