DFG Project PF 394/5-1

Impulse, Heat and Mass Transport in Argon ESR Refining using Titanium as an Example

The electroslag remelting of titanium alloys is very demanding due to the strong modification of the slag system by deoxidation reactions. Therefore, a simulation of the impulse, mass and heat transport must show the possibilities and limits of the process. The necessary material data of the slag system could only be partially determined in the context of this work, so that the calculations are based on literature studies. The modelling of the remelting process was initially carried out for steel, as experimental data and boundary conditions for validation could be collected in parallel. The results of the modelling were validated on the basis of the pool depth with experimental data and show a good agreement.

Based on this model and the extension of the experimental equipment a transfer of modelling and experiment to titanium materials is planned. Of particular interest in this respect is the extension of the model to material transport in melt and slag to describe kinetic effects occurring in industrial plants.

Logo DFGThe project was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under the reference number PF 394/5-1.