Control of Nitrogen Oxide Emission at the Electric Arc Furnace

The CONOX project has been focused on investigating the electric steelmaking process in the EAF and, as a special case, the Consteel EAF with regards to NOx emissions. The investigations were carried out by a consortium of research institutes (RWTH, CSM) and three electric steelmaking plants (DEWG, ORI Martin, RIVA Verona) with a wide range of produced steel grades and EAF technologies (oxygen, dust, and coal injectors, gas burners, CoJets, scrap preheating, slag foaming).

The project was based on the combination of experimental investigations of the NOx formation in EAFs at industrial plants as well as pilot plant EAFs at well defined conditions and modelling of the NOx formation in the EAF. The general objective was to elaborate guidelines to reduce NOx emissions from the Consteel process (CSM, ORI) as well as standard EAFs employing various EAF technologies (RWTH, DEWG, RIVA).

The activities of CSM and ORI have been focused on the investigation of the Consteel process. A semi empirical model of NOx emissions has been developed based on literature data, pilot furnace tests and industrial measurements. Plant measurements carried out permitted to quantify the amount of NOx generated in the EAF and downstream in the tunnel and provided data for model refining and application. The model has been applied to support the definition of improved guidelines to decrease NOx emissions.

The activities of RWTH, DEWG and RIVA have been focused on the experimental investigation and modelling of different process conditions and a deduction of predictions regarding NOx formation. These predictions have been further investigated and validated by industrial plant measurement. Eventually best practices to reduce NOx emissions have been derived from the combined results of modelling and industrial measurements.

Final Report

Pfeifer, H.; Echterhof, T.; Voj, L.; Gruber, J.; Jung, H.-P.; Lenz, S.; Beiler, C.; Cirilli, F.; De Miranda, U.; Veneri, N.; Bressan, E.: Control of nitrogen oxide emission at the electric arc furnace — CONOX, EUR 25078, Research Fund for Coal and Steel series, Publications Office of the European Union, (2012), Luxembourg, ISBN 978-92-79-22227-6

Logo ECThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) under grant agreement n° RFSR-CT-2006-00033.