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Process analysis and optimisation

A complete analysis of a thermal or metallurgical process usually in a first step includes an energy and mass balance. Additionally often a process gas or off gas analysis is needed to evaluate the process efficiency. On this basis an optimisation of the resource and energy consumption can be developed.

Apart from a survey and analysis of the current state, case studies can help to evaluate the influence of modification measures or changes in process control on the efficiency of the process or plant. We offer comprehensive support and consulting for the optimisation of your process.

Process gas analysis

Our services in this area are completed by process gas analytics. Apart from measurements according to current standards, we also develop individual measurement solutions for our customers on the basis of our long-time experience. Our sampling systems are specially adapted for high temperature use and for the harsh environments in metallurgical reactors and industrial furnaces.

  • Gas composition (CO, CO2, H2, O2, …)
  • Air pollutants (CO, NOx, SOx, …)
  • Dust measurement according to VDI 2066
  • Volume flow, velocity
  • Temperature (conventional or with suction pyrometer)
  • Humidity

Additionally further process data like flow rates, temperatures or pressures can be measured continuously. The available equipment contains several data logger, gas analysers, miscellaneous probes as well as pyrometers especially for the operation in steel plant environment.

Numerical simulation and process modeling

We conduct simulations of thermal and fluidic processes in industrial furnaces, metallurgical reactors and electric arc furnaces. Especially the following topics are covered:

  • Flow and mixing phenomena in thermoprocessing plants (single as well as multiphase)
  • Melting and solidification processes
  • Magnetohydrodynamic fluid flows
  • Combustion and heat transfer
  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction, effects of fluidic and thermotechnical phenomena on load and furnace casing
  • fast online/offline models of thermal processes

Furthermore we offer support for the fluidic design of thermoprocessing plants, we prepare energy and mass balances of thermal processes or plants, or we conduct heat flow calculations for you.

Experimental investigations

Apart from theoretical calculations we can conduct experimental investigations on test rigs, which we also can build especially to your order. The scales of existing test rigs are according to application from 1:5 to 1:1. Our 495 m² technical centre has a thermal power of about 3 MW (natural gas) and an electrical power of 600 kW available.

Our equipment allows for the determination of heat transfer and emission coefficients, the qualitative and quantitative characterization of gas and water flows with conventional and laser measurement technology as well as the determination of numerous other process parameters like temperature and pressure.

You can get an overview about our equipment and the services we offer by downloading our flyer on “Services and Equipment”.