The department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering is an internationally recognized research department with the task of process and plant optimization in the fields of production, processing and recycling of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals as well as glass and ceramics. Here you can learn more about our research areas.


In addition to a wide range of consulting services, we are also available for practice-oriented services such as process analyses, exhaust gas measurements or experimental investigations. Furthermore, we offer our expertise in the fields of process modeling and numerical simulation. An overview of our equipment as well as the services offered can be found here.


In our news section, we report on the latest developments at the department and comment on current topics from the industry. We also report on our research projects, share our most important findings and present the latest publications. Visits to professional conferences, insights into everyday research and impressions from the institute are also collected here.


The department of Industrial Furnace Design and Thermal Engineering offers a wide range of courses for students at RWTH Aachen University. In addition to basic courses in the field of high temperature technology, in-depth teaching modules and seminars are also offered. Here you will find an overview of our courses.

Student projects

At the department of Industrial Furnace Design and Thermal Engineering, various topics are available for advanced seminar papers, project papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses. The theses are aimed at students of materials engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, process engineering, environmental engineering, physics or computer science.


At the deparment of Industrial Furnace Design and Thermal Engineering there are regular vacancies for research assistants as well as for student assistants. All work, both that of the scientific staff and the student assistants, takes place in close connection with industry. Here you can find an overview of the advertised positions.