Transport Phenomena II

Course during the summer semester in German language.

The present dates for the lecture and exercise should be visible in RWTHonline, or rather the learning platform RWTHmoodle.


Basic Knowledge/Basics of fluid mechanics, (momentum transport) fluids, Newton’s approach regarding shear stress, Basic Knowledge/Basics of rheology, Hydrostatic, Aerostatic, Hydrodynamics, Frictionless flows and flows with friction, Bernoulli, Principle of linear momentum, Pipe flow, Dimensionless identifier, Navier-Stokes equations, Heat transfer in a pipe steamed with water


The script is available as a download in RWTHmoodle for all students, who registered for the course. In addition to this, it is acquirable as a printed version at the secretary’s office of the department.


The exam comprises of three tasks, which have to be solved within 1,5 hours.