Process Characterization

Course during the winter semester in German language.

In cooperation with other process-oriented Departments of the Division, the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering is responsible for the organisation of the practical course ‘Process Characterization’. The present dates for the practical course should be visible in RWTHonline, or rather the learning platform RWTHmoodle.


Active implementation and evaluation regarding different methods of process characterization:

  • Dynamic balances (PLT)
  • Measurement of pressure, volume flow, Speed; characteristic curves of machine and plant (IOB)
  • Hydrometallurgical processes for the generation and refinement of critical metals (IME)
  • Optical measurement of geometry and change of shape (IBF)
  • Thermal analysis of cast-iron- and aluminium melts for a determination of metallurgical characteristics (GI)
  • Melt, deoxidize, temperature- and oxygen measurements, input materials, creating of melt-reports (IEHK)

Blended Learning

A ‘blended learning offer’ for the practical course is available at