Industrial Furnaces

Course L2 E2 in the winter term
Dozent Pfeifer / Eickhoff

Current appointments for lectures and exercises are available from the Campus system and in L2P.


Introduction to Industrial Furnaces

  • Melting Furnaces
  • Electric Arc Furnace Technology
  • Induction Melting Furnaces
  • Al-Melting Furnaces
  • Resistance Heating Furnaces

Reheating Furnaces

  • Fundamentals of Fuels and Combustion
  • Burners
  • Energy Balance of Industrial Furnaces
  • Efficiency, Air Preheating
  • Furnaces for the Production of Semi-Final Steel Products

Heat Treatment Furnaces

  • Batch and Continuous Furnaces
  • Annealing under pure H2-atmospheres
  • Furnaces for the Heat Treatment of Al