Applied Thermal Engineering

Course during the summer semester in German language.

The present dates for the lecture and exercise should be visible in RWTHonline, or rather the learning platform RWTHmoodle.


Terms, System boundary, State and state variable, Work, Heat, First fundamental theorem, Energy conservation, Caloric state equation, Molar and specific heat capacity, Change of state, Second fundamental theorem, Entropy, P,V- and T,s- Diagrams, Cycle processes, Engine, Machine, Carnot-, Joule-, Otto- and Diesel-processes, Steam, Steam power process, Two-phase system, Heat transfer, Stationary heat conduction, Convection, Radiation

Sterlingmotor 1200
Model of a Stirling engine


The script is available as a download in the RWTHmoodle for all students, who registered for the course. In addition to this, it is acquirable as a printed version at the secretary’s office of the department.


Duration: 120 minutes
Aids: Script, Exercise Documents, Books and own notes