BMBF Project EcoSteel

Development of a reference modell for the ecological balancing of electric steelmaking for the process optimization and CO2 reduction

Project partner: ifu Hamburg GmbH
The research project aims to improve the sustainability and resource efficiency of electric steel production in electric arc furnaces by means of a special material flow model. A life cycle assessment is an environmental information instrument and can be used to evaluate industrial products and processes. With the help of the model to be developed, the life cycle assessment can be calculated, i.e. the ecological dimension of the products and processes can be considered. In the same model it will also be possible to calculate the economic dimension and thus ultimately the eco-efficiency.

In addition to the methodological approach, the use of biochar as a substitute for fossil coal in electric steel production will also be investigated as an example during the research project. In this way, the sustainability and resource efficiency of the highly energy-intensive process is to be increased. In contrast to fossil fuels, the substances known as biochar are produced from regenerative biomass. As a result, they have an emission factor of zero within the framework of the European emissions trading system, so that no emission certificates are required for their combustion.